Earn whilst you learn

Completed your A Levels, Level 3 vocational course or apprenticeship?

Higher apprenticeships are equivalent to a university level qualification. As an apprentice, you can upskill with on-the-top training whilst earning a salary.

A higher apprenticeship combines vocational training in the workplace with academic study at College, developing your skills and knowledge for a specific career.

Here at Northern Skills Group, we currently offer the following higher apprenticeships: 

Level 4

Equivalent to a higher education certificate or your first year of University studies:

• Accounting • Hospitality Management
• Project Management
• Business Administration
• School Business Professional Apprenticeship

Level 5

Equivalent to a foundation degree or your second year of University studies: 

• Leadership and Management

We are looking to expand our range of Higher Apprenticeships to include Level 6 (Equivalent to an honours degree or chartered manager degree) and Level 7(equivalent to a master’s degree) and to introduce more sectors, including: 
• Business (Marketing & HR)
• Computing and Digital Technologies
• Construction
• Education
• Finance
• Food Industry Technology
• Health Care
• Manufacturing
• Project Management
• Property Management
• Retail Management
• Senior Leader Masters Degree Apprenticeship 


Ask your employer to support you through a Higher Apprenticeship
Currently in employment looking to professionally develop through an apprenticeship
scheme? Maybe you know an employer willing to take you on as an apprentice?

Please call 03453 40 40 40 and we can help!

For further information, advice and guidance on apprenticeships please visit the national careers service website.