What does an apprenticeship include?

With the recent Government updates, it is now a requirement for all learners to stay in education until the age of 18. With many feeling the academic route is not for them, an apprenticeship gives the opportunity to develop both the theory and practical elements of a sector of interest. Northern Skills Group provide a wide range of high-quality apprenticeships across the North East and Yorkshire and aim to help your child progress down a route which is best suited to them.

Alongside earning a wage, completion of an apprenticeship will result in a nationally recognised qualification.

What kind of apprenticeships are available?

At Northern Skills Group we offer apprenticeships in a variety of career paths, ranging from customer service to support for teaching and learning in schools. For a full list of the programmes on offer, visit our apprenticeship programmes page.

Will my child be paid on an apprenticeship?

Apprentices are entitled to the National Minimum Wage, which, as of April 2019 is set at £3.90 an hour. Many employers do opt to pay more than this wage or increase the hourly rate after a certain amount of time.

What are the benefits of my child becoming an apprentice?

  • Earning while learning
  • Developing practical skills whilst leaning the theory of a subject
  • Experience in a real working environment, with the chance to progress into a job
  • Gain the skills employers are looking for whilst being able to learn at their own pace

How does it compare to College or University?

A real alternative to college and university, an apprenticeship allows learners to experience both the theory and hands on aspects of their sector of choice whilst doing so without getting into the sizeable debt often associated with higher education.

There are various levels of apprenticeship available through Northern Skills Group which your son or daughter could apply for depending on their current skills and qualifications.

Apprenticeships are open to those over the age of sixteen, with the Intermediate (level 2) acting as an equivalent to 5 GCSEs Grade 9-4 (A-C).

An advanced apprenticeship (level 3) is equivalent to two A Level passes and a Higher (level 3/4 and beyond) is equivalent to a Foundation Degree and above.

Northern Skills Group offer free, impartial advice and can help your child decide on the best route for them when progressing onto further education.

For further information, advice and guidance on apprenticeships download the latest National Apprenticeships Parent Guide.