Thinking about becoming an apprentice? Read up on our top-tips to help you onto the fast track to success!

Be focused

Before beginning the process of applying to become an apprentice, take some time to consider where it is that you want to be. Your role will involve developing a wide range of skills and knowledge, however having a sense of direction will help both in the initial stages with your interview and when carrying out your training

Consider your CV and cover letter

Perfecting your CV and cover letter is incredibly important when it comes to your application. As businesses receive a great deal of interest every day, making your personal brand stand out is key in helping you progress to the next step.

Though there isn’t a winning template when it comes to creating your CV, tailoring the design to suit your particular profession of interest, rather than just using a basic black and white format, is likely to work in your favour. Our handy How to Secure an Apprenticeship booklet provides useful templates for both your CV and covering letter.

Do your research

When it comes to interview preparation, making sure you carry out a sufficient amount of research about your potential future employer is another must. This will allow you to answer any questions they may have at ease, and give you further confidence when sharing your knowledge on the company

The interview process

Application and research out of the way, the next hurdle is the actual interview. The Interview consists of a discussion between you and an employer to find out if you would be suited to the job role. It is the perfect opportunity to sell yourself!

Be sure to plan your outfit and anything you need to bring with you well in advance so you feel both calm and well prepared. The way you present yourself can be just as significant as your skills and knowledge, so make sure you come across confident and approachable. Finally, don’t be afraid to ask questions when the opportunity arises. 

For further information, advice and guidance on apprenticeships please visit the national careers service website.