STEM Activities and Events

Our goal is to inspire the next generation of learners to actively choose to pursue STEM subjects at a higher level of education beyond Secondary School.

In 2014, 851 Primary Schools and 631 Secondary School pupils played a key part in our STEM agenda and attended informative events and activities ranging such as our Women in Engineering Day and our STEM Schools Championships.

Past STEM Activities and Events

Primary Balsa Car Event

Around 30 pupils from three primary schools attended our Balsa Car Event. Wolvistion, St Claire's RC and Winstone primary schools built and raced balsa model cars during one of our special engineering days.

Women in STEM Day

Female students from Grangefield Academy, St. Peter's Catholic Voluntary Academy and Sacred Heart Secondary Catholic Voluntary Academy gained further information about #STEM careers# (Specialist Centres/ Careers with STEM)( by talking to companies including Hunstman, Army, Jacobs, RAF, SABIC, Teesside University and Caterpillar. Students had a tour of the STEM Centre facilities and attended talks from women working within STEM industries, women from the Forensic Science department at Teesside University, K Home International and SABIC.

Imagineer Festival

The Imagineer Festival 2015 was a six day community festival jam packed with events to celebrate all that's exciting about Science and Engineering. The festival was geared to appeal to people of all ages with various events planned throughout Middlesbrough.

Science and Maths Day

Over 100 year 9 and 10 pupils and A Level Science students attended the Science and Maths day held at the STEM centre. The day included workshops and talks with a number of companies including Dr Sohna Jheeta, Institution of Civil Engineers, Further Maths Support Programme, RAF, Centre for Process Innovation (CPI), Durham University, Sunderland University and Newcastle University Outreach.